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Boutique is an elegant shop for ladies and gents, usually both sizes large and small, which opening on the street, which displayed the images of clothes, designer suits, dress design and specially wedding dress. They are all regarding offering a large choice of excellent dress designers and creating the greatest experience possible when brides are purchasing their dream wedding ceremony costumes.

Not just the new couples, but the guests attending the family. The bride is dressed up in favorable colors, where the bridegroom is dressed to show a regale feeling. All the folks attending the wedding are deck up with gold jewelry as well as the bride and sometimes the bride groom. In a boutique, dress designers work in a number of ways in designing clothes and accessories such as artificial jewelries. Costume designers of Jaipur, ajmer, Delhi, kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jodhpur, Gurgaon, Chandigarh etc. work in different techniques. Some drawing their thoughts on paper, while others dress material on a costume form. The sketch designer's work is very accurate and careful. Most wedding dress designers, however, work for clothes designers, bridal sarees, creating designs of gent's, suits for men, ladies, designer sarees, suits for women and children's fashions for the big market. Costumes maker's effort to design dresses which are well-designed as well as aesthetically lovely.