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Catering is the facility of offering food and beverage for events. At a wedding reception, catering coordinators are responsible for cutting, preparing, serving, and packing food for guests to take home. Caterers involves not only running the catering services throughout an event, but also handling all the groundwork earlier than the event and after too. They may allocate tasks to a team of cooks and servers and make sure those tasks are completed according to client specifications. Catering is provided at a full range of events, including business meetings, conferences, exhibitions, special events, marriages, and other social events. Catering managers not only manage client relations but also maintain employee and vendor relations to run a successful catering facility.

A catering services provider in Jaipur, ajmer, Delhi, kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. performs these duties -
• To get ready and dish up food and drink, in accordance with the wellbeing and sanitation system to assemble the everyday necessitates of the clients and staff.
• Duties will engage till process, food service, client service, cleaning benches, dishwasher process, coffee appliance process and universal cleaning duties as needed, in accordance with the Safer Food Better Business book.
• To maintain the kitchens, bins, dining areas, floor regions, tables and all former catering related regions, to the peak criterion of sanitation.
• To tale to the Catering Manager/Catering Supervisor any substances of anxiety which influences the day-to-day process of the section.
• To communicate proficiently and successfully in a gracious and optimistic manner with guests and other associates of employees and organization to make a pleasing mood at all times.