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A wedding Planner is a professional event planner who specialises in weddings. The planner typically takes on some advice-giving position and assists the couple in selecting the correct location, ideas, theme, colours, stationery and music for the occasion.

An event planner is a person hired to plan and arrange a wedding, reception and probably the honeymoon in consultation with the bride and groom.

A full-service Event planner is the greatest guide you can have in the near the beginning stages of engagement where so much is going on and you have hundreds of ideas. Event planner of Jaipur, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jodhpur, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chennai, etc. not only will help you sort of your hundreds and ideas, but they can also facilitate you build a theme of some sort.

Event planner gives professional advice to couples planning a wedding, reception and honeymoon. One of the first things your wedding planner or event management person can help with is the budget. The budget is a huge source of stress for many couples. Some clients will handle the budget themselves and some clients will want or need your backing.

Wedding planner offers recommendations of vendors with whom she has had a lovely experience. The planner will observe the bride and groom's style and requirements and send this information to each vendor to ensure the couple is happy with all aspects of the wedding day.

The wedding planning is available to assist the bride and groom with whatever they need on the day of the marriage. The planner is armed with hair spray, tissues, makeup, perfume and anything else the bride may need instantly earlier than the ceremony.

The event management companies person may need to help the bride bustle her dress after the ceremony, make available more convenient shoes, maintain with makeup touch-ups, etc.